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28 December 2018

Stupanje na snagu Multilateralne konvencije o primeni mera koje se u cilju sprečavanja erozije poreske osnovice i premeštanja dobiti u odnosu na poreske ugovore (Multilateralna konvencija)

27 December 2018

GUIDELINES ON THE REGISTRATION OF BENEFICIAL OWNERS OF REGISTERED LEGAL ENTITIES IN THE CENTRALISED RECORDSOn 24 December the Ministry of Economy published the Guidelines on the Registration of Beneficial Owners of Registered Legal Entities in the Centralised Records (hereinafter: the Guidelines)...

13 December 2018

On 9 December 2018 the Parliament adopted the proposed amendments to the following tax laws:Corporate Income Tax Law;Individual Income Tax Law;Law on Amendments to Mandatory Social Security Contributions;Property Tax Law;Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration.

10 December 2018

NEW LAW ON PERSONAL DATA PROTECTIONThe National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted a new Law on Personal Data Protection at its session held on 13 November 2018.The Law on Personal Data Protection was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of SerbiaNo.87/2018 on 13 November...

10 December 2018

BDO Indirect Tax News focuses on issues of practical importance in the field of VAT and similar indirect taxes, such as GST. Experts from all over the world provide first-hand information on recent developments in legislation, jurisdiction and tax authorities’ opinions and directives...

06 December 2018

AMENDMENTS TO TAX LAWSOn 22 November 2018 the Government of the Republic of Serbia published draft amendments to the Individual Income Tax Law and the Law on Mandatory Social Security Contributions.The most important proposed amendments are provided in the text below.

09 November 2018

DRAFT AMENDMENTS AND SUPPLEMENTS OF CORPORATE INCOME TAX LAWOn 7 November 2018 the Ministry of Finance published a Draft Law on Amendments to the Corporate Income Tax Law.

24 October 2018

The BDO Expatriate Newsletter provides a brief overview of issues affecting international assignees, predominantly, but not exclusively, from a tax and social security perspective.This newsletter brings together individual recent country updates. As you will appreciate the wealth of changes...

17 October 2018

When asked what it takes to stay in business for so long and remain successful at the same time, Milovan Popović, a Regional CEO and a Managing Partner at the auditing and consultancy company BDO Serbia, replies citing the great Chinese philosopher Confucius: “The man who moves a mountain begins...

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