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11 October 2019

AMMENDMENTS TO THE VALUE ADDED TAX LAWA Law on Amendments to the Value Added Tax Law was adopted at a National Assembly’s session held on 7 October 2019.

18 July 2019

NEW RULEBOOKS ON INCENTIVES FROM CORPORATE INCOME TAX LAW AND TAX EXEMPTIONS FROM PERSONAL INCOME TAX LAWThe Minister of Finance has adopted a few rulebooks with regard to corporate and personal income tax.

23 May 2019

PRIORITY BASIS OF INSURANCE OF PENSIONERS WHO STARTED THEIR EMPLOYMENT BEFORE 11 APRIL 2019The new Law on Health Insurance applies to all pensioners, regardless of when they have been employed. 

18 April 2019

HEALTH INSURANCE LAWIn the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 25/2019 of 3 April 2019 a new Law on Health Insurance was published, which enters into force  on 11 April 2019 

04 March 2019

NEW RULEBOOK ON „ARM’S LENGTH“ INTEREST RATES FOR 2019Serbian Ministry of Finance issued in the Official Gazette number 13 date 28 February 2019 new Rulebook which defined the interest rates which are for the purposes of corporate income tax for 2018 considered to be at the “arm’s length” level. 

01 March 2019

OPINION OF THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE – COMPENSATION FOR EMPLOYEES’ COMMUTING COSTSOn 1 February 2019, the Ministry of Finance issued an opinion on the tax treatment of the compensation for employees’ commuting costs

14 February 2019

ANNUAL PERSONAL INCOME TAX FOR THE YEAR 2018Individuals - residents, as well as non-residents (for the income earned on the territory of the Republic of Serbia), are obliged to pay Annual Personal Income Tax, if their annual net income, earned in 2018 exceeds the amount of RSD 2,470,644.

14 February 2019

AMENDED CORPORATE INCOME TAX RULEBOOKS HAVE BEEN PUBLISHEDThe Ministry of Finance adopted amended rulebooks which will be used when determining a corporate income tax liability for the 2018 business year

05 February 2019

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