09 May 2018

After 25 years, one of the leading audit and consulting firms, “BDO Serbia” with more than 120 employees in Serbia and 160 in the region, servicing 2,500 clients, has developed from the BC Excel’s office with four employees.

BDO Serbia is a go-to address for companies when they need audit, business consulting, tax advisory, outsourcing and IT systems audit services. In Serbia, the development of the BDO system has started in 1992, when BC Excel was established. At present, BDO Serbia has offices in Belgrade, Podgorica, Banjaluka and Skopje, employs more than 120 people in Serbia and over 160 in the region. In the last 25 years lasting partnerships with 2,500 clients have been built just in Serbia, based on the provision of services in all service lines.

The present-day BDO, former BC Excel, was founded in 1992 in unfavourable economic and political circumstances.

  • That year leaving a successful career of a consultant at the renowned Institute of Economics in Belgrade and sailing into the unknown and troubled waters of private entrepreneurship in Serbia was a great risk. At that time we could not have known how long we would survive on the market and to what extent we would grow as a company, but we had a good understanding of the structure and the essence of our work. That was our starting point and our foundation. All this time we have been guided by our mission to transfer and assist in the application of knowledge, and by our vision to grow into the leading domestic company in the professional services sector and become a synonym for excellent services”, says Dragan Popović, founder of BC Excel and president of the BDO Serbia system.
  • Wise people say: “everything is susceptible to change, only changes are permanent”, and I have always gathered wise and clever people around me, both when I was employed with Trayal and with the Institute of Economics, and especially from the moment I founded my own company. I have always been proud when my associates get better than me in various matters, both at the time there were only the four of us, and today, when there are more than 120 employees in our company. I have always been better at management, but the four of us working together were able to realise our vision of becoming the best domestic company on the market. Team play is crucial in each team sport, but it is also essential in business – Dragan Popović points out proudly.

This is why Mr Popovic says for this network that it is a true family firm in which employees have a lot of respect for each other.

  • An individual cannot go far on his own, but an organised group of individuals, with diverse knowledge and responsibilities is capable of overcoming every obstacle. Full commitment to work is a trait that adorns each of our employees, and the environment of mutual respect is a trademark of our company. We can be described as a family firm, not because of the ownership structure, but because our employees have great support from their families for the work they perform. We have defined a system of values at the very beginning – to be recognised for knowledge and integrity. The partners in our company have on their desks replicas of the statue of the Victor of Belgrade, as a symbol of the victorious spirit shared by all our employees – says Mr Popović.

How much of in-depth knowledge this company has about the conditions of doing business in Serbia is evidenced by the results they have achieved, as explained by Mr Milovan Popović, Director of  “BDO Serbia” and Managing Partner

  • The total value of projects completed in the field of business consulting is USD 6 billion;
  • we also provide payroll calculation services for more than 5,000 employees and we also act as a consultant for large, most frequently foreign business systems in the field of accounting. We are part of the network that has been chosen as the best tax advisor and the best service provider for payroll calculations. For more than 20 years we have been performing audits and IT system audits of banks, financial institutions, investment funds, the largest telecommunication systems, IT companies, retail chains, manufacturers, sports clubs and hotel chains, both in Serbia and in the region. We put ourselves in our clients’ place and try to see things from their perspective when we provide services and create business solutions, we regularly monitor their business and strive to act not only as financial consultants, but as sincere business partners - emphasises Milovan Popović, Director of BDO Serbia and Managing Partner. 


In 1997 we became a part of the Arthur Andersen global network, the largest auditing firm at the time, expanding its activities into auditing of financial statements of companies and audit related services. Arthur Andersen ceased to exist in 2002 due to a scandal involving Enron Corp, while BC Excel continued to grow and evolve. In the same year, the range of services was enriched by the introduction of a new service line - accounting services.

Since 2004 we have been a member firm of the BDO International – one of the leading global audit and consulting companies. Starting from 2011, BDO Serbia has expanded its business beyond the borders of Serbia. At that moment the related parties BDO Podgorica, BDO Banja Luka and BDO Skopje started operating.

  • One of the key principles of the BDO network, which distinguishes us from similar companies in the market, is our client proximity, as well as our insisting on understanding the unique requirements of each client. Using our expertise and experience, in-depth knowledge of conditions for doing business in Serbia, as well as the experience and support of the BDO International network, we have developed a fundamental understanding of the factors in the management of our clients’ business.

However, this is not where the ambitions of this company end:

  • For over 25 years, we have achieved a lot, but we are never completely satisfied with the results achieved, because it can always be even better. In the future, I see us as a team with a clear vision and fully committed to the mission of transferring and applying knowledge, as well as a team that helps our clients make optimal business decisions through our dedication and experience. We do not intend to stop here. Our plan is to keep growing and developing and join global trends using our knowledge and skills – concludes Dragan Popović, founder. 

Published in the daily newspapers “Blic”, on 9 May 2018 and "Večernje novosti", on 29 May 2018