Tax Advisory

Our team is made of experts for implementation of tax regulations in Serbia.

Our company is a part of BDO International network which enables us rapid access to local tax regulations of all countries.

As one of the largest global consulting networks, with over 1,500 offices in 162 countries and territories, we are experts for international tax planning and provision of advisory services in the area of international tax law.

We hire experts in economics and law who constantly improve their knowledge through training, both at local and international levels.

The tax system of the Republic of Serbia is very large, vague and subject to frequent changes. By reason of illustrating the complexity of the tax system in the Republic of Serbia, we are going to provide you with some evident information:

  • At the moment there are 12 tax laws, 14 acts and 119 rulebooks
  • On the official Ministry of Finance website in the period from 1 January 2005 to March 2018, about 8,000 explanations of regulations in the area of tax legislation were published, out of which more than 3,700 relating to VAT. All the published opinions are active.

It is almost impossible for companies to keep track and be aware of all relevant laws and by-laws in addition to all current business activities, even though violation carries misdemeanor and criminal responsibility. Our employees are informed of the current changes and specifics of each industry sector at any moment.