The successful management of a company and generation of profit requires from its management not only the awareness of the operational and financial processes, but also in-depth knowledge of cause-and-effect relationships between these two aspects of the business. Management that has profitability as its most important goal implies transparency, or making decisions based on accurate information and the awareness of the possible consequences of these decisions.

To help its customers understand all the factors that affect the profitability of a company better, BDO Srbija offers the introduction of controlling services in the company. In order to create a better system for the management of the company, the client will receive from BDO Serbia:

  • A clearly defined method of planning that gives an insight into future performance which will help with the identification of problems in an early phase, help with taking the necessary measures, and avoiding negative surprises;
  • Constant monitoring of the company’s operations using the controlling methods that show to the management the deviations from the planned performance and enable timely responses and effective management;
  • An analysis at the end of the period which clearly demonstrates where the causes of the problem are and what needs to be done in the future to avoid repeating the same problems;
  • An easier presentation of future operations to banks and other potential creditors, enabling more favorable lending conditions;
  • A simple and clear insight into operations to potential buyers, i.e., new owners which increases the company’s value in a possible sale.

In addition to the introduction of controlling services, BDO provides services of external controlling, in which our team takes over the processes of regular planning, reporting, and analysis. In this way, the client will save on the costs of salaries, leaving the process in the hands of experts.

BDO has extensive experience in analyzing and advising complex business organisations. Our team of professionals with international experience, specialized in the field of controlling secures services of the highest professional level.